The opening markets

The opening markets

Seat spreads CON LAB LD
Betfair 319½-321 217½-220 82½-85½
Extrabet 316-321 218-223 78-82
SportingIndex 317-322 214-219 78-82
Majority betting CON NOM LAB LD
Ladbrokes 5/4 4/6 25/1 66/1
Political Smarkets 39% 60% 3% 1%

This is basically a thread for a matter of record. So often people ask whether political betting is predictive and I always refer to the opening markets just as the polling station threw open their doors across the country.

Site traffic: Yesterday our main servers dealt with a record 433,622 page downloads making it by far the busiest on record. New servers were brought during the evening and extra capacity will be on hand for tonight.

As it gets busier new threads will be opened up – please switch to them ASAP. We can cope with 700 comment threads when traffic is light but when we are having to deal with 1000 requests a minute then the smaller the down-load the easier it is to cope.

There will be a massive spike at 10pm and a new thread will be put up a couple of minutes earlier. During the night auto-continuation threads will be set up to be published at regular intervals.

Overnight I will not be involved with PB at all. I’m part of the BBC 5Live election programme from 10pm until 6am. The site will be managed by Paul Maggs and other members of the PB team.

Mike Smithson

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