The Lords filibuster goes on..and on..

The Lords filibuster goes on..and on..

Can Labour’s peers stop the bill?

The marathon and unprecedented overnight sitting of the House of Lords is still going on. As I write at 6.25am, Lord Kinnock, the former Labour leader and not someone known for his brevity, has just got to his feet so one can assume that there’s a lot of life in this yet.

Whenever things have been put to the vote the government has had comfortably majorities.

The debate on the government’s plans for an AV referendum and reducing the number of MPs began at 3.38pm yesterday afternoon and Labour is hoping that its action might impede it.

Special arrangements have been made to deal with the peers, many of them in their 70s and 80s.

The bill must become law by February 16 if the planned referendum is to take place on May 5th.

Mike Smithson

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