Does Dave have to offer a referendum before Ed does?

Does Dave have to offer a referendum before Ed does?

The Sunday Times are reporting that Andrew Cooper, formerly of Populus and currently David Cameron’s pollster has warned the Tories they face embarrassment in the 2014 European Parliament elections, where they could be pushed into second place or worse by UKIP, unless they make a dramatic manifesto pledge to have an in/out referendum.

A source said:

“Cooper’s polling is clear. There’s a real public backlash against the EU and if we don’t do something, UKIP will get the benefit.

There’s a real risk that they will beat us into second place in 2014, unless we do something before then.

“Cooper’s solution is that we should make it clear before the Euro poll that we will offer a referendum if we win the general election in 2015.”

Cooper’s rationale is based on how the Prime Minister’s popularity soared after he vetoed a change to the EU treaty last December. The Prime Minister’s tough stance immediately wiped out Labour’s poll lead.

There is also a fear by Conservatives that if Ed Miliband were to offer a referendum first, and Cameron matched that offer, Cameron would look weak(er), Ed Miliband nor Ed Balls have ruled out a referendum.

Paddy Power have a market on which party will have the most MEPs after the 2014 European elections.


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