Betting round up

Betting round up

Following on from the National Audit Office’s publication of the  report into Universal Credit, we saw this


I’ve been on longer odds on IDS, so I think the value has gone in this, however long standing and outstanding PB contributor, Peter from Putney suggested this bet earlier on today, which I think is a very good option, as Chief Whip isn’t a cabinet position.

For my money PP’s odds of 25/1 for Eric Pickles, tipped to take the non-cabinet position of Chief Whip, looks the best buy.

Note, Paddy Power’s ruling, Ministers leaving via reshuffle will be paid out at 1/5 of odds. PP decision final.

Other betting opportunities

Whilst The Sun (££) have an interesting snippet, which Boris Johnson’s spokesman has denied, but remember the old quote, about not believing anything until it has been officially denied.

The story is that  BORIS Johnson is considering running for a THIRD term as London boss.

Boris’ logic is that David Cameron could win a majority/remain PM post 2015, Cameron would be secure as Tory Leader and he doesn’t fancy serving under Dave as a Minister.

If you think Boris is right, there are some odds on him serving out a full term ,2/7  and 5/2 to win the London Mayoral in 2016, both with Corals, I think the odds are a bit mean.

If you think Boris’ logic is sound but that Dave won’t win a majority but remain PM, you may prefer to back the make up of the next government after the election, where a minority Tory government is 8/1, and Con/Lib coalition 9/1

As TGOHF points out, it is also worth looking at the Betfair most seats market.

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