New ComRes battleground polling finds UKIP struggling in its key targets

New ComRes battleground polling finds UKIP struggling in its key targets


This does not bode well for Farage in Thanet South

South Thanet
Boston and Skegness
Forest of Dean
Great Yarmouth
North Thanet
East Worthing and Shoreham
Sittingbourne and Sheppey
South Basildon and East Thurrock
Castle Point

A new ComRes/ITV news battleground seats poll finds the Tories holding on reasonably well in 10 seats which UKIP has made key targets. Like in the similar poll last week of LD defences in the SW the pollster has not named candidates which I think is wrong this close to the election.

The aggregated numbers speak for themselves and suggest that the Tories are set to withstand the UKIP threat in almost all of them. The list includes, of course, Thanet South.

    One key factor is that the LD collapse has bolstered both the CON and LAB votes, and is one of the key reasons for UKIP’s failure to make first or second place. 25% of 2010 LD voters say they will now vote LAB, and 21% say CON with just 8% opting for UKIP.

As you’d expect older voters are much more likely to vote UKIP than younger voters. Only 8% of 18-34s say they will vote UKIP, compared with 25% of voters aged 55+.

This was a phone poll and as we have seen these tend to show smaller shares for UKIP and bigger shares for CON than surveys carried out online.

I think Rob Ford, one of the leading academic who has studied UKIP, makes valid points in these Tweets.

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