Marf on the LAB leadership as Liz Kendall gets closer in the betting

Marf on the LAB leadership as Liz Kendall gets closer in the betting


According to Huffington post the move by UNITE to get behind Andy Burnham might be back-backfiring.

“Backers of Liz Kendall are hoping that an influx of new party members and supporters will wrest control of the Labour leadership race back from Len McCluskey.

The Unite general secretary is facing a backlash from MPs and local constituency parties after threatening to axe his union’s link with Labour unless the party chose “the correct leader”…

..More than 30,000 people have joined Labour as full members since the general election defeat, adding to the already 200,000-strong rank and file eligible to vote in the leadership race.

Under new one-member, one-vote rules, individual members and supporters are eligible to take part in the election even if they joined just two days before the ballot opens on August 14. Previous strict rules on a lengthy qualifying period of membership have been overhauled in a bid to attract new blood.”

Remember this election will go on until September 12th. There is a long way to go.

My instinct is that those contenders associated with the last LAB government could be at a disadvantage as the party takes full stock of its defeat.

Mike Smithson

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