Enter the Politicalbetting Prize Referendum competition

Enter the Politicalbetting Prize Referendum competition

Predict the LEAVE and turnout percentages to 2 decimal points
Win a £250 free bet at William Hill

Using the bespoke NoJam template you will need to enter the LEAVE and turnout pecentage down to decimal points The prize will go to the person with the smallest overall error.

I am delighted to announce that William Hill has once again agreed to provide a competition prize of a free bet for £250. If the winner does not have an account then he/she will have to open one to receive the prize. This is only open to people over the age of 18.

All the entries can be seen using the widget. As usual I am in my absolute discretion the total arbiter of all matters relating to the competition. Entries close on Thursday at 10pm.

Click on the menu to check what others are doing and the overall summary prediction.

Thanks to Mark Hopkins for creating the competition widget.

Best of luck.

Mike Smithson

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