The next CON leader betting and PB/Polling Matters podcast

The next CON leader betting and PB/Polling Matters podcast

On this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast, Keiran looks back at a busy week in U.S. politics and updates us on the latest results from this weekend and fallout from Trump’s cancelled rally in Chicago. Keiran also argues why he thinks a Trump-Cruz ticket is more likely than the GOP establishment choosing a Kasich, Rubio or Ryan. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, could Sanders supporters being seen to disrupt Trump campaign events help his campaign and could President Obama’s improving approval rating ultimately lead to a comfortable win for the Democratic nominee – whoever that might be?

Also on the podcast this week are highlights from this week’s Tip TV politics show. Leading PB writer Alastair Meeks joins Keiran and Mike in the studio looking ahead to the budget and explaining why he is something of an ‘Osborne sceptic’ when it comes to who will be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes politics joins Mike and Keiran in the studio to discuss some of the latest betting odds on Brexit, Next Tory Leader and the U.S. Presidential race.

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