One more heave won’t do it. Labour MPs have to now either back Corbyn or split

One more heave won’t do it. Labour MPs have to now either back Corbyn or split


The Labour party has changed fundamentally in the last 16 months. Labour MPs have an important decision to make. Should they stay, or should they go?

If last night’s YouGov Labour leadership poll proves accurate, then Jeremy Corbyn will win with an even bigger mandate than last year. I’ve always had the hunch the Labour rebels had a one more heave approach with Corbyn, reduce his mandate this year, to soften him to be toppled in a future leadership contest. That strategy appears to be in tatters, because of the members who joined after May 2015.

So what do, if the party was made up of members who joined before May 2015, Smith would be winning, but the entryism/Corbyn’s big tent politics* sees Corbyn winning a landslide. Labour MPs have to realise their party as it was has changed. Right now the Labour cannot function as a political party or as an opposition if 172 MPs have no confidence in their leader. Something has to give, after the criticisms heaped upon Corbyn by his opponents in the PLP,

Corbyn will be emboldened by an even larger mandate, and there’s support 48% support for re-selection of all sitting MPs so the decision on whether to go might be easier for them if they are to face mandatory re-selection.

I do not envy the 172 Labour MPs who have no confidence in their leader. It appears that the Labour members have no confidence in the rebel MPs. The Corbyn supporters think Corbyn will win a general election.


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