What happens to CHUK if it fails to win more a couple of MEPs a week on Thursday?

What happens to CHUK if it fails to win more a couple of MEPs a week on Thursday?

If it can’t make progress under Euro elections voting system then its surely doomed

I have just received my freepost delivery of the CHUK Euros leaflet and I reproduce the pages that have words on it above. I’m sure many PBers will have seen it as well.

What is striking is how weak the leaflet with hardly any effort to try to persuade people to vote. Is it it is almost as if it has given up already.

The freepost distribution is one of the great benefits that the public purse provides to parties and candidates at election time. It is only available in a restricted range of elections but it does provide a means of communication that would not otherwise be available. The ability to get leaflets through every letter box for free is a massive tool. If you want to do more you either have to pay a delivery firm or else have a large activist base ready to spend hours and hours pounding the street.

So you’d have expected the new party to have put everything in to maximising the impact of the leaflet and frankly I don’t think what we see does that. It is hardly going to persuade voters that it is THE force to stop Brexit. Given the way MEPs are allocated CHUK needs to be polling at least at the 7% level to get a single MEP.

A week on Sunday the votes will be counted and if CHUK fails it will be hard to see its future.

It is not contesting the Peterborough by-election, it didn’t contest the locals and as far as I know it is not working to try to win an election anywhere else. So what is the point of a political party that simply doesn’t get involved in the election process?

Surely it is doomed.

Mike Smithson

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