Northern Italy is getting a bit too close for comfort

Northern Italy is getting a bit too close for comfort

A sign of things to come in the UK?

Although we now have had three confirmed deaths in the UK the overall scale here is much less than in several other countries that are almost on our doorsteps which is why most of the papers are leading on what’s going on in Northern Italy. Could this be an indication of what things will be like here just a few months on? Northern Italy, after all, is a part of the world which many Brits are familiar with which is why it hits home harder.

Only the Mail is leading on the third UK death which is a sign of things to come. More people older people with pre-existing conditions losing their lives is going to struggle to make the headlines.

But the Italian experience is a good indicator of how the UK should prepare. This is from today’s Times:

Critical care experts in Italy have warned hospitals in Britain and across Europe to prepare for a surge in admissions of people with severe lung failure caused by the virus who need ventilators in intensive care units (ICUs). In a letter to the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, they reveal that up to 10 per cent of all those infected with coronavirus need intensive care, with hospitals becoming overwhelmed.

Will this advice be taken? This could get very political.

Mike Smithson

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