Someone is trying to persuade me that Trump is ill and might not stand in November

Someone is trying to persuade me that Trump is ill and might not stand in November

But I can’t believe that PB has a world exclusive

Yesterday I received an email from someone I have never been in contact with before or have any familiarity with which suggested that something might be happening in American politics less than 5 months before the presidential election. This is what it said:

I’m passing on to you what a colleague has learnt from a source in the military. The story about Trump visiting the Sterling golf course yesterday, illustrated with a photo of an armoured vehicle met by about five protestors, and with an old photo of him playing golf, was false. The convoy sent to the golf club was a decoy and Trump was not riding in any of its vehicles. He was taken instead to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, aka “Bethesda”, where he still is. His illness is also why his trip to NJ was cancelled. This is why the Betfair price on Pence as Republican nominee has moved how it has. You may have already heard this info. (If you have, perhaps it’s you that’s moving the market!) If so, please forgive this email. But to judge by what I’m hearing the circle is being kept exceptionally tight.

If this has any modicum of truth to it then it has huge betting implications and also would be a massive story round the world. Given how much I personally hate Trump’and fear his re-election I have to be on my guard against believing things because I want them to be true.

Of course Trump is getting old, he is 74, and apparently takes little exercise and from what we are told does not have what many would describe as a healthy diet

I still think irrespective of this, that there is a question mark over both Joe Biden and Donald Trump. So I have had a bet at about 10 to 1 laying Biden Trump being the nominee choice for the election.

Mike Smithson

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