Rishi now leading Boris as “Most capable PM”

Rishi now leading Boris as “Most capable PM”

For ,me the poll finding of the day is this from Ipsos – a question that is rarely asked – Who would make the “most capable PM” when the options are the incumbent and his Chancellor.

It’s notable that Starmer trails both of them but in questions like this being in power generally gives a bonus – although for several periods last year Starmer was being rated as Best MP over Johnson. .

The thing at the moment is that Johnson looks secure in the job and there is no vacancy so this is just hypothetical.

It does however underline how far the man who was 250/1 to be next PM in November 2019 when I made that bet in November 2019 has come.

It used to be the case that the most obvious Tory successor to the the PM was the one who ended up never getting the job. Boris smashed that in the last CON leadership contest.

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