Just 7% would vote for The Queen to be our Head of State

Just 7% would vote for The Queen to be our Head of State

Only a quarter of voters would vote for a Royal

This YouGov polling really did catch my attention, just 7% of the country would vote for The Queen as head of state, that shakes out at roughly 1% for every decade she’s been on the throne.

I wonder if this is the result of the Brexit campaign. Taking back control from our unelected rulers has never been more popular. I mean today we wouldn’t accept hereditary doctors or Prime Ministers, so why should be we accept a hereditary head of state?

I suspect in any election campaign the Royals would see their polling collapse as they wouldn’t survive the robustness of an election campaign.

There’s so much material out there that would damage the royal candidate(s) We could start with the utter sense of entitlement rather than duty that emanates from the Royals, how about ‘Prince Charles has been accused in the past of being too grand to squeeze his own toothpaste, pick up his own clothes or even hold his own specimen bottle,’ talk about taking the piss.

There’d also be much fun when the desire of Prince Charles to be a tampon inside Camilla Parker-Bowles or the Queen’s Nazi past, would become election issues, then there’s problem with the royal family’s association with Prince Andrew.

Someone like Sir Lynton Crosby would ruthlessly exploit things like that in an election campaign as the backstories and family history of Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn were used to damage them in elections.

Monarchists often say the Royals are very popular, why not test that theory in an election, what are you afraid of? Or is a worry that the country has worked out thanks to the Royal family we’re like North Korea, another country with heads of state from just one family?

Today’s census is likely to show further evidence that the UK isn’t really a christian country any more. Our current head of state is the also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, this will only confirm that the monarchy is out of touch with Britain today.

Do we really want to emulate Iran where the head of state is also head of the main religious body of a major religion and monarchists acting like the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps?

My own choice for head of state would be Brian Blessed, just imagine his annual christmas message.

Full details of this poll can be found here.


PS – Big shout out to the 4% of voters who would choose themselves to be head of state, we should admire the legendary modesty and self assurance of these people and wish there were more people like them in the country.

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