Some Welsh people and Scottish people walk into a polling station and

Some Welsh people and Scottish people walk into a polling station and

It isn’t looking so good for the Tories in Wales now with Labour increasing its lead from 2 to 11 in a month

The Welsh are such teases as noted before that they look like voting to make the Tories first in Wales but never do and like Opinium earlier on this week the talk of Tories winning Wales in next month’s Senedd is far away as ever although as Roger Awan-Scully points out this is Labour’s worst ever result in the Senedd elections and Plaid Cymru’s best ever result, based on this polling it looks some of Labour led and Plaid Cymru’s backed government will be in power in Wales.

Meanwhile in Scotland a Savanta ComRes poll has the SNP just missing out on a majority at Holyrood whilst a YouGov poll has the SNP just winning a majority but either way there appears to be a comfortable pro independence majority likely to be elected. The amusing (depending on your viewpoint) is that according to analysis of the YouGov poll by Professor Sir John Curtice it seems that Alba will end up with just a single MSP and it might not be Alex Salmond ‘owing to the [Alba] party’s relatively strong showing in the Highlands and Islands in the poll — which could see Kirk Torrance returned as the party’s sole MSP rather than Salmond.’

Both polls show support form No rising, and with Savanta ComRes support for Yes falling. Perhaps the Scots have discovered a new way to troll the rest of the United Kingdom, consistently voting for secessionist parties demanding a new referendum but choosing to remain members of the United Kingdom in independence referenda. It must be very frustrating for the SNP (and other independence parties) to have their hopes built up like this.

Or perhaps it is in the blood of the Celts to be such teases?


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