Fighting COVID – is striving after perfection the enemy of the good?

Fighting COVID – is striving after perfection the enemy of the good?

I live in Bedford which over the past few weeks has been singled out as a COVID hotspot and each day, later in the afternoon, I almost always check out the latest data for the borough which is all on the excellent government COVID website.

One of the statistics I look at is the total number of deaths which is defined as “Number of deaths of people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test.” Currently, this stands at 485 for the area which is a terrible toll but what is the trend?

Looking through the daily figures we find that since April 8th there has been just been one COVID death in the area for on that day – exactly two months ago – the total was 484.

So in what is being singled out as a hotspot there has just been a single death in this two month period. My guess is that non-hotspots have even better figures.

The other data shows that total of 108,511 of the adult population have been vaccinated which represents 70.2%. Of those 73,948 have had their second jab which is 47.9% of the population.

It is in this context that so called “freedom day” has been put back two weeks and I have been unable to see my two US-based grandchildren for two long years.

Mike Smithson

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