Is EdSec Gavin going to be a victim in the re-shuffle?

Is EdSec Gavin going to be a victim in the re-shuffle?

Punters are split

All the signs are that BoJo, who reputedly hates firing people, is getting ready for a reshuffle that could happen this week. The fact that the Tories have lost their lead in two of the latest polls is adding to the speculation that we might see something happening this week.

There was a flurry of activity in Downing Street yesterday which suggests that something might be afoot

Betting markets are starting to emerge and although there has been little activity so far the position of lacklustre EdSec, Williamson, appears to be most in doubt. The problem with shifting him is that he used to be Chief Whip and is said to know where the bodies are buried.

His challenge is that he doesn’t come over very well and used to have the nickname of Private Pike. I can’t work out whether he’ll survive or not.

This is how Smarkets define their Gavin market:

This market relates to whether Gavin Williamson will still be a full cabinet minister at 23:59 GMT on 31 December 2021. The source for settlement of this market will be the list of cabinet ministers at Being listed as “also attends cabinet” will not count.

Mike Smithson

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