The front pages that should frighten ministers

The front pages that should frighten ministers

Remember the polls in September 2000

Dramatic things can happen politically when motorists are unable to buy the precious liquid that enables their cars to move. September 2000 was a case in point when after years of Blair’s LAB totally dominating politics there was the brief period when Hague’s Tories found themselves in the lead. It didn’t last – the dispute got settled and we could fill up our cars again.

I am not saying this will happen now and in any case those who have bought electric cars will be able to feel very pleased with themselves.

What 2000 did for lorry drivers was make them realise how valued their work was.

The golden rule: If they say don’t panic buy then the logical thing to do IS to panic buy.

Just checked my Toyota hybrid which is showing a projected range of 573 miles not that I am panic buying or anything.

Mike Smithson

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