Why Tory Remain seats could be a struggle for BoJo

Why Tory Remain seats could be a struggle for BoJo

One thing we have seen from council elections and Westminster by-elections this year is how different the outcomes are in Remain and Leave seats. If Hartlepool (Leave 69.57%) was a doodle for an easy CON gain Chesham and Amersham (44.9% Leave) saw a totally different electoral dynamic.

Now the Tories are hoping that Britain will return to the previous CON/LAB/LD splits at the next election. But it could be that the Brexit outcome continues to be a dominant factor and if so that could pose real problems for incumbent Tory MPs. One thing is for sure the electorate will have a better idea by then of how Brexit has impacted on their lives.

The Remain-Leave BoJo approval splits shown in the chart have been like for almost all the time since the break with the EU happened.

Mike Smithson

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