Why I chose TMay as best PM to handle COVID

Why I chose TMay as best PM to handle COVID

I was part of the YouGov sample for this polling question and when it was up on the screen I found myself taking several minutes rather than the usual few seconds to answer it.

The first process in my thinking was who I should exclude and I concluded that all the men would have been too conscious of short-term political considerations to have acted in a proper and timely manner when in February and March last year COVID was upon us and action needed to be taken. Many have argued that the UK death toll would have been significantly lower if serious action had been taken much earlier.

Looking back it really is quite extraordinary that the March 2020 Cheltenham Festival was allowed to go ahead.

This left Maggie Thatcher and Theresa May. I eventually opted for the latter because we have real-life current knowledge of her attitude to COVID. Almost alone amongst current CON MPs TMay always wears a mask in the Commons chamber.

Mike Smithson

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