Trump becoming a stronger favourite for WH2024

Trump becoming a stronger favourite for WH2024

One thing that we know is almost a certainty – that the decade’s biggest current betting market by far will be on who will be elected President in November 2024. Even with three years to go the betting is pretty active with the money piling on Trump who has made it clear that he would like to be the nominee next time.

Although Jo Biden is in second place in the betting it is very difficult seeing him wanting or having the energy to run again. He is very much showing his age at the moment. My guess is that he will make his intentions known after next year’s mid-term elections. I’ve never been convinced by VP Harris.

One name that won’t go away is 39 year old Pete Buttigieg who, it will be recalled, won the 2020 Iowa caucuses. He’s just taken paternity leave which has caused Fox’s Tucker Carlson to make comments about Buttigieg’s ability to breastfeed – a move which on balance seems to have helped the Democrat.

If Trump doesn’t run then GOP attack dog Carlson could himself go for the nomination.

Mike Smithson

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