Latest voting split GE2021 CON voters

Latest voting split GE2021 CON voters

Given how voting polls have changed in recent weeks I thought it might be worthwhile looking at what those who voted for BJ’s party at the last election are thinking now.

The chart is based on the latest poll from Opinium and shows the current voting intentions of GE2019 CON voters.

Just 7% have moved to LAB but the biggest other segment is “Don’t Know”. By contrast, 73% of 2019 LAB voters say they will stick with their party with 13% saying don’t know and just 2% going to CON.

As ever I have chosen Opinium as the data source simply because it presents its polling breakdowns in a way that is better than any other pollster. Some don’t even record a figure for don’t knows.

Mike Smithson

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