If this narrative takes hold then Boris Johnson is doomed

If this narrative takes hold then Boris Johnson is doomed

Even some of Boris Johnson own MPs believe this narrative, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, Boris Johnson’s credibility amongst his own MPs will be shot. I’d love to see a betting market on the size of the Conservative rebellion next week.

I predicted that Boris Johnson’s political authority would evaporate over the shameless and shameful bid to save Owen Paterson, I didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon. What must alarm Tory MPs is just how avoidable these faux pas are. A boring PM with a sliver of competence might be quite welcome. Redfield & Wilton have published a poll which gives Labour their largest lead since the 2019 general election, driven in part because of news surrounding the party. 69% of the public want the police to investigate the party, but it has been announced that the Met will not investigate, which might lead to more polling problems for the PM and his party.

I suspect ruining Christmas for the second year in a row will be sub optimal for the PM and his party, as Jim Pickard noted ‘that Boris Johnson has switched in just days from promising a normal Christmas to a Christmas that is “as close as possible to normal”

But as I was writing this piece there was this new development, if you’ve bet on a Boris Johnson 2022 exit then you might be very happy.


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