Johnson exit date betting moves sharply to 2022

Johnson exit date betting moves sharply to 2022 chart – Betfair exchange

Another day and another report of alleged lockdown violations by the Prime Minister last summer and still Johnson survives. But as can be seen from the betting chart 2022 has now moved to favourite for his exit.

We all know the process. 54 or more MPs write letters to Sir Graham Brady calling for a confidence ballot. The 1922 Committee chair then arranges this to hold a secret ballot of Tory MPs probably the following day. If the no confidence motion gets carried then Johnson will have to move out of his newly and controversially decorated residence in Downing Street.

What we don’t know yet is whether there are enough Tory MPs with the bottle to initiate the ballot. The risk they face is if the motion doesn’t get carried than Johnson will be able to carry on for another 12 months before another such vote can take place.

There can be little doubt that these latest revelations of lockdown breaking in May 2020 have the potential to be very damaging. At that stage people were following the rules rigidly separated from loved ones.

I find it extraordinary that Johnson didn’t realise how appalling this event would appear if ever it was made public.

Mike Smithson

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