Flailing lying silly obtuse Johnson makes it worse

Flailing lying silly obtuse Johnson makes it worse

Watching PMQs was a must see for political anoraks because Boris Johnson’s inability to lie straight in a bed is catching up with him, to be honest, hiding in a fridge today would have caused him less difficulties, his non apology was bad but a response to a story from Sir Keir Starmer about someone whose father died during the pandemic and Boris Johnson’s reply included about the UK being the fastest growing economy in the G7, an utterly tone deaf response.

At PMQs Sir Keir Starmer called for Boris Johnson’s resignation, which is Starmer playing the long game, Tory MPs are unlikely to oust Boris Johnson because it would give Sir Keir such credibility and power that he has forced out a Prime Minister.

LOTOs generally only oust PMs via general elections, so this would be a Neville Chamberlain moment, a great irony for Boris Johnson who wanted to be Churchill. But by keeping Boris Johnson in office I suspect Sir Keir and Labour will spend a lot of time between now and the next general election reminding the electorate in those constituencies that their Tory MP didn’t oust Boris Johnson but kept him power. Given the PM’s current ratings that is likely to be suboptimal for Tory MPs.

I think Boris Johnson is safe unless Sue Gray’s report explicitly accuses Boris Johnson of knowingly breaking the rules. With a Dick head of The Met I’m not expecting that to cause Boris Johnson’s too many problems either, but if The Met do investigate that may buy Boris Johnson more time as MPs will not want to preempt a police investigation and possible trial.

The reality is that we have a Prime Minister who needs an inquiry to find out if he attended a party in his back garden in charge of our nuclear weapons, what a time to be alive.


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