So what should CON MPs and members do now?

So what should CON MPs and members do now?

Contain the damage with a new leader??

Undoubtedly today’s PMQs was the toughest for Johnson since he became prime minister in July 2019. His attempts on previous occasions to minimise what happened at various gatherings during the strictest lockdown 2020 might have moved the dial in his favour a touch or it might not.

He is not helped by his accounts of what happened changing at each iteration and Starmer had a good PMQs.

I am still far from convinced that BJ could be out of his job by the end of this year. He is, of course, the leader who led his party to its best general election result since the Thatcher days. To supporters the fact that he was up against Corbyn is beside the point. He’s a proven election winner.

That’s fine except that Starmer is doing much better than he was and the Tories will find it difficult to demonize the man knighted by a previous Conservative PM.

Thr next round of polls could set the mood within the party.

Mike Smithson

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