Johnson trails Sunak by a staggering18% as “Better PM”

Johnson trails Sunak by a staggering18% as “Better PM”

In polling carried out this week Redfield and Wilton asked the question – which of Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson would “be the better PM at the moment”.

The results are quite striking and we have not seen anything like this before – certainly since I started PB eighteen years ago. For in a contest between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the current Prime Minister, 42% say Rishi Sunak and 24% say Boris Johnson would be the better Prime Minister.

Amongst GE2019 CON voters it is a statistical tie with 41% going for Johnson and 40% Sunak.

In another match-up in the same poll Sunak holds a one-point lead over Keir Starmer for the better Prime Minister at this moment. The Chancellor is on 38% just one point ahead of Starmer. This, of course, might be the choice at the next election.

Mike Smithson

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