Punters give Johnson just a 32% chance of surviving 2022

Punters give Johnson just a 32% chance of surviving 2022

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What happens if the Gray report is not black and white?

One thing that the events of this week has reinforced in my mind is how tough it can be to get rid of a PM who is really determined to stay. The current incumbent is not going to go quietly and will use everything in his considerable armory to hang in there.

The front page of the Telegraph this morning is even suggesting that he might not stand aside even if a vote went against him.

As we all saw it did appear over the weekend that Johnson’s day’s at Number 10 might be drawing to a close but he held firm and clearly has put a lot of pressure on those MPs he thought might have or be ready to send a letter to 1922 Committee Chair, Graham Brady.

Even though the Tory process is supposed to be in secret those thinking of sending a letter have to factor in the possibility that this might seep out and the one thing we know about Johnson is that the first requirement he looks for in ministers is loyalty from those he appoints. Ambitious Tory MPs have to be very careful.

Mike Smithson

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