Johnson’s leader ratings fall to Corbyn’s GE2019 levels

Johnson’s leader ratings fall to Corbyn’s GE2019 levels

Johnson Jan 2022

Corbyn before GE2019

The above Wikipedia tables show how the ratings collapse that Johnson has experienced is not that much different from how his foe at GE2019, then LAB leader Corbyn, was seen by voters. In fact Johnson’s lowest net rating is even worse than Corbyn’s

There is little doubt that Johnson is facing a huge challenge as he tries to deal with the reports of what went on at Number 10 during the toughest lockdown period of 2020 and some of his explanations simply don’t ring true. Given he was the PM that brought these controls in then the excuse of him not knowing that some things that were going on in his back garden were wrong is hard to swallow.

He is not helped in the court of public opinion that during the first lockdown there was a very high rate of compliance by the population at large. Johnson surely must have seen and registered the reaction in May 2020 to the Cummings Barnard Castle road trip to have worked out what a sensitive issue compliance was.

We all know what happened to Corbyn’s Labour when he was perceived so negatively.

Mike Smithson

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