Latest French election polls with 16 days to go

Latest French election polls with 16 days to go


Can Le Pen be squeezed out of the runoff slot?

The thing to remember about French presidential elections is how important tactical voting can be in the first round. A total of 12 managed to get themselves onto the ballot for the first round of voting on April 10th and the big question is whether or not the hard right candidate ,Le Penn, could be squeezed off the second round.

This is why the polling can be so important because it can be the best guide for many who want to impede a particular contender.

Just a reminder that there are two rounds of voting – the second for the top two on April 24th.

If the latest polling has got this right Le Pen is doing well beating off the hard right challenge from Zemmour and the big question is whether Melenchon can attract enough votes from the left to edge out Le Pen. This is very much a longshot but he seems to be the only one on the left in a position to compete.

I have a bet at 18/1 that Melenchon will go through to the second round. That’s now moved in to 8/1.

Macron looks very solid indeed and the latest Ukraine crisis has seen him getting a lot of coverage and appearing “Presidential” alongside other world leaders.

Mike Smithson

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