Just 14% back the privatisation of Channel 4

Just 14% back the privatisation of Channel 4

Not good figures for such a controversial move

Given how controversial Johnson’s plan for Channel 4 is then this latest polling is hardly going to help his move. This is especially the case because of the reported level of opposition from Tory MPs and the need to get the bill through the House of Lords.

It is not helped that the minister responsible, Nadine Dorries, was not certain about C4s ownership when she appeared before a Commons committee.

This is seen as being very much a personal measure by the PM and I just wonder whether it could end the way of his plans for Owen Paterson late last year.

A problem is that there was no provision for C4 privatisation in the Tory GE2019 manifesto which means that the upper House will be much less constrained.

If there was a betting market I would wager that this will not get enacted.

Mike Smithson

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