The UK political drama that’s topping the Netflix ratings

The UK political drama that’s topping the Netflix ratings

As I reported a couple of days ago I am self-isolating because I have contracted COVID. As a result I am watching a lot of TV and the one fortunate thing about this has been the timing which coincides with the launch of the Netflix series “Anatomy of a Scandal” based on Sarah Vaughan’s novel.

This is a courtroom drama where the defendant is an MP and minister (I assume Tory) who is accused of a rape in a lift in the House of Commons. The big question is whether the victim, a researcher, gave consent.

I read the book on holiday a couple of years and the Netflix series, from what I have seen so far, does it justice.

An underlying theme is the power and influence of those who went to a certain school (no need to state which ONE!) and then Oxford and in certain shots the Prime Minister portrayed bears some resemblance to Cameron. There is also a fictional version of the Bullingdon Club called “The Libertines” and we see enough of their antics.

Well worth taking the time to watch even if you don’t have COVID!

Mike Smithson

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