Support for Brexit drops to new low

Support for Brexit drops to new low

Just over a third think it was right

There is is little doubt that the flagship policy of the Johnson administration has been the execution of Britain’s exit from the EU – Brexit.

Well the latest YouGov Brexit tracker which has been asked every month since the referendum in 2016 is out and shows that the number supporting it down to just 37%. Those Tory voters who are left are continuing to give it their backing with 80% saying that Brexit was right.

But the total of Conservative voters has dropped very sharply from the 45% at the last general election to just 33% now.

Whether something will change in the public perception between now and the general election is hard to say but it’s very difficult to believe that this number is going to improve much for the Tories.

My view is that Johnson’s desire for an ultra-hard Brexit has been a big political mistake and the consequences will only grow.

Mike Smithson

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