Is the FT right about Beergate giving Starmer a boost?

Is the FT right about Beergate giving Starmer a boost?

Perhaps the best analysis is in the Financial Times which notes under the heading – Keir Starmer’s gamble could be the making of him.

If he escapes a fine — as he seems sure he will — he can show himself to be a man of principle. He will be defined in the public mind as someone who believes in obeying the rules and will stand in sharp contrast to a prime minister who does not. He is the dry leader of a party with a limited agenda for power. This move, seemingly brave and principled, could be the making of him.Johnson is potentially facing more fines and the full publication of the Sue Gray report, which is likely to make very unpleasant reading for Tories. Last week’s local elections were bad for the Conservatives and Johnson is widely blamed. A boost to Starmer’s standing will only deepen the conviction of Tories who believe, as the polls suggest, that the prime minister is now dragging his party down

No doubt polling over the next few days will give us better picture but I think the FT might be on the right lines.

One of the challenges that Opposition Leaders have is getting media attention when inevitably it is the government that is driving the agenda.

Yesterday Starmer’s approval rating with R&W was net minus 2% with a large number of don’t knows. Could he return to positive territory?

Mike Smithson

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