Tears for Keir?

Tears for Keir?

Picture: Sir Keir Starmer continues the tradition of party leaders to have illicit curries.

Last week I wrote a thread about the possibility of Sir Keir Starmer getting fined for his potential dodgy curry last year. I think another vulnerability for Starmer is that sector where Durham Constabulary think a breach occurred but decide not to issue a FPN which would allow Starmer some wiggle room on not having to resign.

If that happens and Starmer tries to cling on in those circumstances he might face a leadership challenge before the next general election. A last alliance of Corbynites and ambitious centrists/moderate leadership contenders could form to oust Starmer, which leads to this betting market from Smarkets.

I’d probably need a bit better odds to back Yes in this market, but illicit curries apart, I think Starmer might be in trouble if the Tories ditch Johnson before the election as his personal polling leads over Johnson are quite staggering. If the Tories ditch Johnson before the election and Starmer loses those leads of the new Tory leader then he might be under pressure. His strategy of ‘I am not Boris Johnson’ might be a flawed strategy if his opponent at the next general election isn’t Boris Johnson.


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