Raab: “No leadership challenge next week”

Raab: “No leadership challenge next week”

But Hague disagrees

Unless the 1922 Committee Chairman Brady is sharing detailed information with the Deputy PM, which I very much doubt, it is hard to see how he can make his prediction.

Doing the round of talk shows this morning Raab was emphatic that Johnson won’t face a confidence vote next week, and the people he calls Tory rebels haven’t got enough names to trigger a ballot.

Given the other noises that are coming from the parliamentary party this does sound like wishful thinking.

My own view is that those opposed to the incumbent PM would be better off delaying a move until after the June 23rd by-elections but it is hard to see how this can be controlled. The nature of the process means that this can happen by accident.

The former Tory leader, William Hague, is predicting that next week is a real possibility.

Mike Smithson

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