The betting money’s still going on a 2022 BJ exit

The betting money’s still going on a 2022 BJ exit

Although Johnson “won” Monday’s vote punters are still putting money on him not surviving in 2022 and this remains the betting favourite for his exit year..

I’m not so sure about this. Johnson is not going of his own accord and it is going to take something like a huge rebellion amongst Tory MPs to shift him. Also while at Number 10 he retains huge powers of patronage which he will use, if required, to reinforce his position.

This has the potential of getting very messy.

What we do have now is an organised opposition within the Tory party and Hunt is not going to give him an easy ride.

As I was stating before the vote I thought the rebels were wrong to force the issue this week. It would have been far better to wait till the June 23rd by-elections which look set to demonstrate the electoral price the party will pay for sticking with Johnson

Mike Smithson

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