The Tories go on the offensive in T&H

The Tories go on the offensive in T&H

The above is an anti-LD leaflet being put out by the Tories as they try to save Tiverton and Honiton in the Westminster by-election that takes place on June 23rd.

Clearly the aim is to try to warn previous Tory backers of what they see as the danger posed by Ed Davey’s party.

It does suggest they are taking this seriously in a way that they didn’t in Shropshire North last December. I’m not sure, however, that focussing on policy areas is the right approach given the LD campaign.

In a by-election particularly the focus by the is on the candidates with less attention to policy.

From the LD perspective this could be regarded as good news because it gets over the message that the Tories regard them as the main challenger in a seat where they came 3rd to LAB at GE2019. It is also in the standard LD colours.

My guess is that most voters won’t read it but just assume it is part of the mass of LD material bring shoved through letter boxes almost every day.

Mike Smithson

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