It’s just like the 1990s

It’s just like the 1990s

Is no part of the country safe from Boris Johnson’s toxicity?

If you have fallen into a coma in 1996 and woken up this week you might have thought you’d have been in a coma for a few days not 26 years as Tory sleaze and the Lib Dems surging all over the place in by elections seems to still be all the rage, all that is missing is having 2 Unlimited and Gina G in the top 40.

The by elections in Wakefield, Tiverton & Honiton, North Shropshire, and Chesham & Amersham, as well as this polling, the polling last week which showed the Celts are revolting against the Tories, and fears that Brexit could cost the Tories the rural vote then Tory MPs fearing losing their seats could see Boris Johnson ousted, with his rating’s approaching Corbyn’s ratings at the 2019 general election the Tory party are headed for their own Belshazzar’s feast moment.

If Boris Johnson is losing the Red Wall, the Blue Wall, safe Tory seats, rural seats, traditional Tory seats who backed Brexit, just exactly where will the Tories win seats?

If Jeremy Hunt is seen likely to lose his seat then that might stymie his leadership ambitions and support in the party, which given the chances of Boris Johnson losing his own seat may also focus minds.


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