Starmer moves to a 30% approval lead over Johnson

Starmer moves to a 30% approval lead over Johnson

The PM gets his worst rating ever

As regular PBers will know I attach a lot more importance to approval ratings than voting intention polls which I why the above from Survation is being highlighted.

Net ratings, that is deducting the disapprove figure from the approve one, for Johnson have seen the PM drop very sharply in recent weeks and he now stands at minus 32%. Starmer is on minus 2% so there is a gap of 30%.

This is the highest that Survation has ever had it and I would suggest is very worrying for the PM and the Tories. Going into an election with numbers like this would be devastating for the blue team.

Can he turn it round? Maybe but maybe not. If I was a Tory MP with a majority under 5k I would be very worried indeed and be planning for a post-Westminster future.

Starmer isn’t doing great but this gap against Johnson should give Labour and the LDs a lot of encouragement.

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