Why stoking the culture wars ensures a Tory shellacking

Why stoking the culture wars ensures a Tory shellacking

Like a eunuch attempting to star in a hard core porno I expect if the Tories bang on about wokeism and ignore the cost of living crisis they are both in for a world of frustration, embarrassment, and mockery, with the electorate set to play the role of Christian Grey to the Tory Party’s Anastasia Steele.

The reality is the Tory party has the levers of powers to try and mitigate the cost of living crisis, and the crisis is the tempest long foretold, but if they focus their energies on the woke and culture wars then they will receive a well deserved shellacking at the next general election.

Just look at the time the Tory leadership contenders have spent in this contest discussing and weaponising trans issues compared to focussing on the cost of living crisis.

Most people in this country in their lives will never face a transgender person in a public toilet but the overwhelming majority will face dealing with the cost of living crisis, I know which of the two issues will move votes.


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