Do the Tories know what they are getting with Truss?

Do the Tories know what they are getting with Truss?

Unless YouGov’s CON members’ polling has got it totally wrong then on September 7th the ex anti-monarchy campaigner, Liz Truss, will be more than happy to go to the the Palace so that the Queen can ask her to form a government.

On that day the former Leeds comprehensive school girl, former Lib Dem, and former Remain campaigner will become Britain’s third female PM.

Now the woman who is more than ready to rubbish her old school and switch parties is amongst a very small subset of the voting population – a campaigning Remainer who says she is now fully supportive of Brexit. This at a time when YouGov’s Brexit tracker has “WRONG” to leave with an 18% lead over “RIGHT” – the biggest since the referendum.

You’ve got to admire the way she has been able to switch from position to position with such ease when it suits her ambitions.

Could it be that her only true beliefs are what she sees as best for Liz Truss at a particular moment in time? What I find remarkable her readiness to change positions has yet to find traction in the campaign.

Mike Smithson

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