Crisis, what crisis?

Crisis, what crisis?

It would appear to deal with the looming energy price increases Liz Truss will cut taxes for companies rather than directly help voters. If she does that then I confidently predict at the general election only Radiohead will have a worse record than Liz Truss and her government.

Those YouGov findings show how badly the voters are expecting things to get, the gold standard ONS found ‘that close to half (44%) of UK adults who pay energy bills found it very or somewhat difficult to afford them in the last two weeks of July’ and things could get much worse.

By January [2023], there will be 4.2 million households – or about 11.6 million people – spending more than a quarter of their net income on fuel, according to a study by York University’s social policy research unit.

It also found that more than 3 million households will be spending at least 30% of their net income on fuel by January.

When you factor this inaction on energy bills with the NHS buckling and a major war in Europe then focussing on things like changing the start of the university year will see the government receive a well deserved shellacking at the next general election.

It’s the economy stupid, the wider economic narrative of a looming recession this year and inflation set to hit 13% then choosing not to intervene directly will damage the government, and makes me doubt the wisdom of laying a Labour majority at the next general election.

If Yorkshire’s Liz Truss doesn’t sort out this energy crisis she will shatter the unbroken record of general election victories by female Tory leaders and history will say of Truss ‘Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this daughter of Yorkshire.’


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