Is it time for the Redwall Tory MPs to panic?

Is it time for the Redwall Tory MPs to panic?

Just imagine you are one of those Tory MPs who came to Westminster as a result of gains made at the last general election. It is likely that when you put yourself forward to be the candidate in a constituency that always went Labour you really had no thought that victory was possible.

But then the huge upheaval of the December 2019 election came about and you found yourself an MP with all the changes in your life that meant.

That was in an election where there was an overall GB Tory vote lead of 12% and it doesn’t take much working out to figure that if LAB has a poll lead of any sort then your situation does not look promising. Even a small Tory lead, the likes of which we haven’t seen since last December, might not save you.

It is the group of MPs whose seats are in danger who will be watching Liz Truss with great attention when she becomes leader and PM next month. Can the replacement for Boris deliver in a general election? Your political future depends on it. Their hope must be that the new leader will have a honeymoon and will turn things round for the Tories. If that doesn’t happen then we could just see another confidence vote.

After watching a lot of Truss over the past few weeks I am far from convinced that she has what it takes to lead the Tories to another election victory. How do Redwall MPs see it? They could be a real problem for the new leader.

Mike Smithson

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