How’s Truss going to do against Starmer and vice versa?

How’s Truss going to do against Starmer and vice versa?

The most interesting aspect of UK politics over the next few months will be seeing how the new Tory leader and Prime Minister, Liz Truss, does against Keir Starmer and vice versa. Their first PMQs is going to be a must watch.

One thing is clear is that the Tory leadership contest has really helped Truss who has become far more confident and a better communicator than she was at the start of the campaign. A problem might be that some of the things she has said during the campaign to appeal to the membership might not look good in a national context and will be used by Starmer to paint her as a hardliner.

I think as well that the way Truss has been able to totally change her positions on big issues might not be so easy when she is at Number 10.

Unlike others on PB I think Starmer is very much underrated and has improved markedly since he became leader. His forensic style might be challenging at first for Truss but she will adapt quickly.

This is how punters see it.


Mike Smithson

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