Will Johnson remain an MP after September 6th?

Will Johnson remain an MP after September 6th?


One of the big Boris Johnson issues on which punters have a mixed view is whether he’ll remain as an MP until at least the next General Election.

The best place to bet on this is the Smarkets market above on whether there will be a by-election in Johnson’s seat before the general election.

A lot here depends on how Johnson sees his future career and on that my guess is that he hasn’t made his mind up. If he wants to stay in politics then surely he will remain the Uxbridge & S Ruislip MP until the next election.

The person he replaced, TMay, has remained a backbench MP since leaving Number 10 but Cameron quit in the aftermath of his referendum defeat.

I’m actually betting that he’ll go because I think he could find the constraints of continuing as an MP are a barrier to his future earning prospects.

Mike Smithson

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