Some stark front pages this Saturday morning

Some stark front pages this Saturday morning

What a situation for BoJo’s successor?

One of the problems about the timing of the leadership contest is that less attention is being paid to the coming disaster that will be created by the sharp rise in energy prices.

Some of the headlines this morning are pretty bad and as far as I can see they don’t overestimate the situation. This is a serious crisis and is impacting on not just the UK.

If it is Liz Truss who takes over then things that she has said during the leadership campaign are not going to be helpful as she tries to get to grips with the challenge. It is going to require even more than just tax cuts to help because many of those who are going to be worst affected don’t pay income tax. That runs contrary to much of the Truss rhetoric.

Maybe this will be looked back up on as a leadership election which it was best not to win.

Mike Smithson

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