Why the war on wokeism won’t work for the Tories

Why the war on wokeism won’t work for the Tories

One of the reasons why findings from Ipsos are so well regarded is that their polling series goes back nearly fifty years so we can help contextualise current polling.

I am fan of the Issues Index simply because it is asks for unprompted responses from the public, given the way some on the right frottage themselves over wokeism you would expect wokeism to feature pretty high on that list from Ipsos but no.

If the Tories focus heavily on wokeism rather than the cost of living crisis they are going to get shellacked at the next election. Liz Truss seems have drunk the anti-woke kool-aid which led to her being accused of perpetuating anti-semitic tropes.

With the energy price cap forecast to approach nearly £8,000 next year it is clear where the focus of Liz Truss should be, if Truss focuses on wokeism then that is a disgrace.


PS – Redfield & Wilton have found ‘47% of voters believe [the cost of living crisis] is worse than the pandemic. More 37% think it is just as bad, while only 12% believe it is not as bad.’ That helps underscore how important focussing on the cost of living crisis is, with only 12% thinking the crisis isn’t as bad as the pandemic.

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