5 days before becoming PM Brown faced a tough BBC grilling

5 days before becoming PM Brown faced a tough BBC grilling

So why does Truss think she’s any different?

in June 2007, the last time there was a change at Number 10 halfway through a parliament, Gordon Brown was ready to go on Newnight and face tough interview. Yes the circumstances with Truss are slightly different because he became LAB leader without having to fight a leadership election.

He got the job unopposed but there was no question of him refusing to face the scrutiny that such an event entails.

Rishi Sunak has been ready to face tough set piece interviews but not Truss.

Let’s remind ourselves about how she has got to her current position. In the first round of Tory MP voting Truss won just 50 votes which was less than 14% of the parliamentary party. She came a poor third.

She did not improve her position in the next three rounds of voting and got into the final two with less than 29% of the MP vote on the final round. The results there was:

  • Sunak 137
  • Truss 113
  • Mordaunt 105

So assuming she wins she has hardly got a mandate and this could prove problematical.

Mike Smithson

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