So can Truss turn this round for the Tories?

So can Truss turn this round for the Tories?


All eyes will be on the polls

This time next week the new PM will have been in office for two days and have handled, well or badly, the first PMQs.

At times like this the voting polls take on new importance and the question will be whether the gap behind LAB can be closed or even wiped out.

I have been betting on a September poll lead in at least one poll during the month and am less certain than I was a few weeks back.

For the large parts of the population who don’t follow politics like PBers this will be the first real time they become aware of Liz Truss and she’ll get good coverage with her flight to and from Balmoral. Her first statements will get very big coverage.

My guess is that there will be no double-digit LAB lead next week but it is hard to go beyond that.

Mike Smithson

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